Cookie Policies

A cookie is a block of data that a website offers to store its visitors’ information and cookie policies explain what these cookies are and how they are used. It is essential for you to go through this policy to learn about what type of cookies we use and how we use them. 

Cookies typically do not ask for information that identifies the user as a person, instead, it acquires data such as login information, the user’s language preference, and so on, and any data stored in the cookies would be secure. 

Once you agree to the terms and policies of the cookies, you can change them whenever you want in your browser’s cookie privacy settings. We never ask for our user’s sensitive information like account passwords, mailing addresses, or any other contact details. 

For further safety knowledge, you can consider reading our Privacy Policy. 

The Use of The Cookies

There are a number of cookies and they are varied with each individual site. So, basically, cookies can be “Persistent Cookies” or “Session Cookies.” one that remains in the system or your mobile phone until you go offline, whereas, Session Cookies are closed as soon as you close your tab. 

For our website, we use cookies that are persistent as well as session. 

  • Necessary Cookies Type: These are cookies that are essential and inevitable to serve you with appropriate features on the website. They are generally helpful in tracking authenticated accounts and eliminating bots. Without agreeing to such cookies, your requirements from the website may not be fulfilled. 
  • Functionality Cookies Type: these are the cookies that enable us to remember your details such as your login info, language preference, and others. The purpose of such cookies is to enhance your personal experience while using the website and to save you time every while when you visit our website. 

Your Choices Regarding Cookies

If you wish to avoid the use of cookies associated with this website, then you will have to disable the use of cookies in your browser before deleting the cookies in the website. You can do this whenever you prefer to prevent cookies. 

Once you disable the cookies, you might experience certain inconvenience, which comes as part of your action, that will hinder you from using certain features that our website provides. 

If you want to delete cookies, then make sure you visit the help pages.