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Company Offers Free Surveillance to Support Remote Working

Compliance technology and data analytics firm SteelEye says it is offering financial firms the opportunity to use its communications surveillance service for free for up to 90 days as the market adapts to a new style of working.

Even as firms reopen their offices, SteelEye says reduced density rules are likely to prevail for some time, meaning a workforce that is spread between the office and home. Monitoring communications by staff working in multiple locations will require changes in compliance processes, which may prove challenging if access to on-premise technology is needed, it adds.

The communications surveillance service is being offered for up to 90 days and 50 monitored users, at no charge and with no obligation for future use. It includes monitoring MS Exchange email and Bloomberg chat, and can be integrated to capture communications from staff working remotely.

“At SteelEye, we want to be supportive while financial firms are dealing with the COVID-19 disruption and adapting to the increased acceptance of flexible remote working. With workforces dispersed across various locations it is increasingly difficult, yet more important than ever, to monitor employee communications,” says Matt Smith, CEO of SteelEye. “In order to support financial compliance teams and to help demonstrate how our solutions enable remote workers to execute their roles whilst protecting their firms, we are providing them with the opportunity to use our surveillance service free of charge.

“Our technology platform is modern and cloud-based, meaning that it can be deployed quickly and easily,” he adds. “Importantly, onboarding clients for Communications Surveillance can be completed in 24 hours.”

Colin Lambert

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