Co-Founder Sinclair Leaves MarketFactory

James Sinclair, co-founder of MarketFactory, which was acquired by ION last year, has left the company, where he served as executive chairman in New York.

Sinclair, along with then COO Darren Jer, and CTO Ed Howorka, co-founded MarketFactory in 2007, where he initially served as CEO until 2016, at which time he was named to the chairman role. The trio all previously worked together at EBS.

At EBS, Sinclair last served as head of research and strategy at the FX spot matching platform, which he joined in 1993. During his 15 years with EBS, Sinclair served in a variety of roles, including as sales manager overseeing Asia Pacific and later adding North America through 2000, at which point he was named head of product management and served in that role until his appointment to the research and strategy role in 2002. EBS was acquired by ICAP in 2006 and Sinclair and colleagues left a year later to form MarketFactory.

Prior to EBS, Sinclair worked for Citi for eight years, during which time he became heavily involved in the formation of EBS.

Sinclair is currently a member of the New York Federal Reserve’s US FX Committee and has previously served as a member of the Bank for International Settlements Exchange Working Group, the Fed’s Chief Dealers’ Working Group, as well as its Barrier Options Sub-Committee.

Julie Ros

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