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CME Trading Volume Rises More than 19%

Trading volume on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) rose more than 19% in February, compared to a year ago. Volume in equity index products set a new all-time monthly record for the second consecutive month. Electronically traded volume on the CME’s GLOBEX2 system rose by 105%, totalling 2,183,862 for the month, while year-to-date volume of 4,269,112 has risen 99.5% above that in 1999.

Among currency products, E-mini EuroFX and E-mini Japanese yen set new  monthly volume records of 1,759 and 1,080, respectively. EuroFX futures trading reached a new February high of 334,967, along with 23,673 EuroFX options and 1,756 South African rand futures.

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