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CME Reports YTD Volume Rise of 13%

Year-to-date trading volume rose 13% during July, reports the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), with 135.7 million contracts changing hands. Total volume reached 15.5 million contracts.

Globex2 volumes rose by 110% year-to-date, totalling 17,226,616 contracts. During July alone, volume rose by 87% year-on-year, to total 2,421,030 contracts.

Equity index products had a record month with 3.7 million equity index futures traded, for a total volume of more than 4 million contracts. The CME reports that July’s record equity index product volume fuelled year-to-date growth of 34.1% in equity index trading on the CME, reaching 35.3 million contracts. Similarly, trading in interest rate products has increased 13%, year-to-date.

E-mini Nasdaq 100 Index futures set a new all-time monthly volume record of 755,913, as did Nasdaq 100 options, with 87,119 contracts traded, and Russell 2000 options, on volume of 1,054. Other equity index products set new July records, including E-mini S&P 500 futures (1,403,094), Nasdaq 100 Index futures (296,944), GSCI futures (82,911), and Russell 2000 futures (25,925).

In other product groups, record volume for any July was set in Euroyen futures at 92,292 and in Euro FX options at 15,207. E-mini Euro FX futures traded an all-time record 3,175 contracts.

Open interest stood at 7.6 million contracts outstanding by the end of July, a 7.3% rise over June.

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