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CME Extends Incentive Program

Chicago Mercantile Exchange says it will be extending its European (EIP), Asian (AIP) and eFX bank incentive programs through December 31, 2007.

In addition, the Merc says it is extending the electronic corporate membership (ECM) program, created in 2004 to provide proprietary trading firms and corporate entities with reduced exchange fees when trading CME products electronically. CME has also extended this waiver through December 31, 2007 for newly approved participants and for ECMs whose average trading volume exceeds 50 contract sides per day.

“These incentive programs provide another avenue to attract new customers to CME,” says CME chairman Terry Duffy. “By extending our global incentive programs we hope to facilitate continued growth in our markets by attracting new business from customers who are new to CME or are currently trading very little in our markets.”

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