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CLS Volumes Consistent with June Uptick

The average daily volume (ADV) of FX trades submitted to CLS was $1.88 trillion in June, up 16.1% from May, but down very slightly from the $1.899 trillion recorded in June 2018.

The ADV of FX swaps sent to CLS was $1.303 trillion last month, up 15.8% from May, but flat year on-on-year.

FX spot ADV was $453 billion in June, up from $403 billion the previous month, but down on the $498 billion reported to CLS in June 2018.

The ADV of forwards submitted to CLS last month was $126 billion, up 37% month-on-month and up 29.9% year-on-year.

These volumes are largely consistent with the data being reported by the multibank trading platforms, which generally saw volumes increase after a slow month of trading in May, but still down compared to June of last year.

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