CLS and SigTech Collaborate

CLS and investment manager technology provider SigTech have announced a collaboration to provide CLSMarketData clients with access to SigTech’s back testing environment and analytics platform.

Through the collaboration, CLS clients will have the option to use SigTech’s cloud-hosted Python-based research platform to perform tailored analyses of CLSMarketData. It will address, CLS says, increasing demand from model-driven investors who may not have sufficient resources or computing power to evaluate large scale data, particularly to find signals from multiple datasets across different asset classes.

“The collaboration with SigTech is a revolutionary step forward for understanding FX market dynamics using a sophisticated quantitative method,” says Masami Johnstone, head of information services, CLS. “Our aim is to help clients realise the value of CLSMarketData by leveraging SigTech’s expertise in multi-asset systematic investing. We have seen rising demand from market participants, especially in the mid-market, to help with data testing. For example, evaluating CLS’s FX alternative data against traditional market data from various venues can be resource intensive. Through this latest initiative, a broader segment of the market will gain access to SigTech’s strong expertise in signal detection and back-testing, enabling quantitative researchers and portfolio managers to focus on enhancing their strategies.”

Bin Ren, founder and CEO of SigTech, adds, “In-depth data analysis requires significant time, resources and expertise. Our unique full-service platform, which has been extensively tested and refined over a seven-year period before launching, takes care of the onboarding, cleaning, validation and normalisation of data. When used with our back-test engine and portfolio analytics, a portfolio manager can reduce the time required for investment strategy development and deployment by up to 90 percent. Now, more than ever, there is significant and growing demand for unique alternative data and analytics platforms which help investors enhance their investment decisions.”

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