CLS and Quandl to Distribute Aggregated FX Trade Data

CLS and Quandl, a data platform for economic and financial data, have made standardised and aggregated FX trade reports available via subscription.  

This new service will allow CLS to distribute its set of executed trade data to the broader market in what it claims will be a standardised and easy-to-use manner via Quandl. 

The data will be made available for subscription in the form of three separate reports, showing activity by hour, day or month. These reports will contain trade volume in terms of both the number of trades and the total value in USD. The data will be aggregated by trade instrument (spot, swap and outright forward) and currency pair. 

Quandl brings together millions of financial and economic datasets from hundreds of data publishers onto a single data platform. The data is then made available in a variety of formats including Quandl’s website, application program interfaces, and dozens of analysis tools, saving analysts time, effort and money acquiring financial and economic data. 

“This is the first time we have made this level of aggregate data readily available to the market. It is a key source of trade information will allow a broad range of users to get a clear picture of FX market activity across major currency pairs and products. I am pleased to be working with Quandl, which has a distinct offering for delivering key financial data to the market,” says David Puth, CEO of CLS.

Tammer Kamel, founder and CEO of Quandl, adds: “We are delighted to be able to offer CLS’s data on Quandl. These datasets address a large gap for quantitative and technical FX traders, who have never had access to such a comprehensive picture of trading volume for the global FX market. With the volume and coverage from CLS now available via Quandl’s API and platform, we are delivering a dataset that changes the game in the quantitative analysis of an entire asset class.”



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