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CFH, Gold-i Partner for Liquidity Distribution to Buy Side

CFH, a liquidity provider and prime broker, announces that its multi-asset liquidity is now available through the Gold-i Matrix NETwork.

CFH says it was keen to join Gold-i’s Matrix NETwork to extend its distribution to institutional clients, particularly hedge funds and asset managers.

Through Matrix NET, CFH can offer a direct connection to the fund manager via FIX API, removing the latency a trading platform can add, it says, adding that the integration ensures trade handling with the MT4/5 server and reflects the trade(s) and the allocation(s) directly on the investor’s MT4/5 accounts. This practice ensures further transparency in trading, P/L visibility, reporting and other important aspects for the underlying clients and investors, the firm says.

Paul Groves, head of European sales, CFH, comments, “As a leading multi-asset liquidity provider, with a very competitive and robust offering, we are delighted to be extending our distribution to Gold-i’s high calibre, global network of institutional clients, hedge funds and asset managers. CFH has worked closely with Gold-i for many years and this latest development further cements our partnership.

“A key driver for joining Gold-i’s Matrix Network was to strengthen our offering for fund managers,” he adds. “We acknowledge that a significant number of clients and investors might wish to see their positions and reports in a more familiar platform like MT4 or MT5. Through Matrix NET, CFH is able to enhance its offering, especially to fund managers, who will continue having a unique ability to trade using their own sophisticated trading platforms and at the same time, reflect these trades on MT4 or MT5 platforms. This is achieved via various post-trade notification and allocation techniques.”

Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-I, adds, “CFH has an excellent global reputation and we are very proud to offer their pricing through Gold-i’s Matrix Net. This will add value to our clients and provide them with further choice in a range of asset classes. It also bolsters the long-term partnership between Gold-i and CFH as both firms continue to seek opportunities to extend our client bases beyond the retail broker space.”

In addition to serving fund managers that wish to continue following their own trading practices and strategies on their proprietary platforms, the CFH and Matrix NET integration also caters to their clients and investors, who might prefer to see the full details in a more familiar system, like MT4 or MT5.

Quotes and orders are sent over the low latency FIX connection from CFH directly to the fund manager, further reducing any delays, which an additional platform can add. Orders sent over this channel and executed with CFH as a liquidity provider, are confirmed back to the trader. At the same time, Matrix NET communicates with the MT4/5 server and reflects the trade(s) and the allocation(s) directly on the investor’s MT4/5 accounts.

Matrix Net is an extension of Gold-i’s multi-asset liquidity management platform, Matrix. Gold-i Matrix offers multiple routing and aggregation methods, with over 70 liquidity providers. Matrix Net supports FX, CFDs and cryptocurrencies in a single solution that is fully compatible with the Gold-i Crypto Switch.

CFH Clearing, part of Playtech plc’s financials division, TradeTech Group, has over 600 institutional clients in more than 60 countries and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Julie Ros

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