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Centradia, SwapsWiire & EBS Due for Q3 Launches

Centradia, the planned e-marketplace for treasury and capital markets, is due for launch by the end of the quarter, sources say. Also slated for Q3 releases are SwapsWire, the communications platform for online trading and negotiation of interest rate derivatives contracts, as well as a new suite of products from EBS – including the new conversational service EBS Trader and EBS Market Data, an expansion of the EBS Data Stream (Ticker) product (see P&L, June 2001).

Centradia is a joint effort between five European partner banks: Banco Santander Central Hispano (BSCH), Commerzbank, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), San Paolo IMI and Société Générale (SG). These five institutions were selected because of their link via BSCH’s cross shareholding and because of their geographical coverage and their complementary networks.

The multi-product portal, which will cover FX and money markets, is targeted primarily at mid-market European corporate treasurers. Initially, the system will offer FX spot and forwards and money market transactions, and the ability to register interest in fixed income issues.

SwapsWire is being developed by CitiGroup, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and UBS Warburg to provide a network and standard trade protocol for online trading and negotiation of interest rate derivatives contracts.

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