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CEMPROSPECTS Conference Set for Rome

This years CEMPROSPECTS conference will take place at the Hotel Placio dei Principi in Rome from October 8-10.

The event will cover energy markets of relevance to the cement industry, notably coal and petcoke, as well as freights. The conference is also of relevance for producers and traders in these markets.

Time will also be dedicated to a debate on geopolitical events happening across the globe, including the US political scene, Brexit and legislative developments in the field of CO2 and sulphur emissions. 

In terms of the countries and regions to be covered, these will include Europe and the US, as well as a more in-depth analysis of developments in India and China and their impact on the coal and petcoke markets.   Speakers include XCoal Energy & Resources, HMS Bergbau, Perret Associates, Howe Robinson Partners and JK Lakshmi Group. 

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Colin Lambert

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