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Caspian Partners with B2C2 for Crypto Liquidity

Crypto trading and risk management platform provider Caspian, has partnered with B2C2, the cryptocurrency market maker and liquidity provider, in a move that the firms claim, “makes life much easier for larger investors wanting to increase their exposure to cryptocurrency markets”.

The firms says the partnership is “significant: because of the liquidity that larger investors require if they are to move further into cryptocurrency markets. While Caspian provides a suite of tools designed to make accessing and trading these different markets much more easy, B2C2 is experienced in providing the OTC liquidity that this type of investor requires, they add. 

Users of the Caspian platform will be able to “point and click” trade liquidity streamed by B2C2 via API connectivity directly into Caspian.

“B2C2 is one of the largest crypto market makers and it is therefore great to have them as a partner,” says Robert Dykes, CEO of Caspian. “Our goal is to build an ecosystem of partners that can help sophisticated traders to work effectively and efficiently, so we are very happy to have B2C2 adding to our offer.” 

Max Boonen, director and co-founder of B2C2, adds, “We’re delighted to be joining Caspian as they seek to increase institutional involvement in crypto trading. Many retail brokerage firms already trust us to provide liquidity for their crypto trades and we believe the multi-functional Caspian platform will appeal to these clients too.”

While the firms say the OTC liquidity nature of the partnership is “unique”, B2C2 is the latest in a line of companies that have joined the Caspian ecosystem. As well as a recent partnership with Coinbase, the trading platform is actively partnering with wallet providers, exchanges, custody services and more to attract institutional investors to their platform and to the crypto industry in general.

Caspian says its crypto trading platform has been “specifically designed to meet the needs of larger investors who are implementing a diverse strategy that currently requires them to execute trades and maintain target allocations across many exchanges”, adding, “The fragmentation of crypto-exchanges creates liquidity and slippage issues, as well as a challenging audit and compliance environment.”

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