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BT Unveils Radianz FX Express

BT has launched Radianz FX express, a dedicated high-speed link between financial hubs
in the UK, US, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

The firm
says the new service offers low-latency and cost-effective, fully managed
connectivity that will give traders faster access to market data across the
five locations, while making it easier for them to execute trades.

“Radianz FX
express links directly into the five key third-party global data centres in the
FX trading world,” the firm states. “These data centres have been selected
by BT because they host the IT infrastructure of significant clusters of the FX
trading community in each of the locations.”

von Roenne, vice president, global industry practices, BT, says, “We’ve created
managed BT Radianz FX express routes to boost the competitiveness of our
financial services customers. With dedicated links within and between the
world’s five biggest FX trading locations, BT can help FX firms lower costs
while creating opportunities for international growth.”

Colin Lambert

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