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BNYMellon Launches Derivatives360 Platform

The Bank of New York Mellon has launched Derivatives360, a platform to help clients execute and manage derivatives transactions.

Derivatives360’s modular design allows clients to select some or all of the components offered by the new platform, allowing them to focus resources and management time on their core activities.

“Clients are today looking to outsource derivative functions historically handled in-house for a number of reasons, including credit considerations, product complexity, the high investment costs associated with specialist systems, a shortage of high-calibre staff, stronger regulation and the wider industry drive towards standardisation,” says the bank.

“Whether clients are using derivatives as a hedging tool or as a separate investment strategy, Derivatives360 offers a broad array of services for issuers and investors around the execution and processing of derivatives.”

These include trading and execution, middle- and back-office outsourcing, collateral management, accounting and recordkeeping, reporting and performance and risk analytics.

Derivatives360 also encompasses outsourced services including OTC trade affirmation and confirmation, trade settlement, independent third-party valuation and counterparty and investment manager reconciliation.

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