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BNP Signs with TraderMade

BNP Paribas has signed an agreement with TraderMade for the latter to provide its services to the bank’s FX strategy team and to deliver high-frequency commentary into the bank’s global markets and Cortex FX trading platforms.

“This significant contract marks a first for TraderMade to outsource our analysis services onto portals. It is a result of a sales initiative started last year to provide valued-added content to our bank customers,” says David Hastings TraderMade Systems COO.

The agreed services include providing BNP strategy staff with direct contact to TraderMade’s London-based team of specialist FX technical analysts, and pushing intra-day commentary for a basket of currencies every hour into the global markets and Cortex FX platforms. The TraderMade content compliments and sits alongside the extensive research and strategy provided by BNP Paribas.

“The TraderMade service gives us access to independent analysis and commentary, enriching the efforts of our FX strategy team and sales force globally,” says Vince Martin, head of e-commerce and FX flow sales for corporates at the bank. “By additionally sharing this unbiased technical data with our clients on Cortex FX and global markets, we continue to demonstrate advantage and transparency.”

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