Aside from the multi-award winning mobile solution, everything we want to say about JP Morgan’s FX business has already been stated in our Best Execution and Best FX Platform awards, so we will focus our attention on other aspects of this superb platform’s offering. Before we do, however, it would be remiss not to detail exactly how good the mobile offering is, although of course that is about much more than FX as well.

The mobile capabilities of eXecute are many. Obviously, we have tracked the evolution of simple spot trading, through the addition of orders, into algos. With excellent content delivery, aside from FX options – scheduled for this year – the offering is complete. The bank has continued to revamp the tablet experience, something that started in 2018, but generally speaking, the JP Morgan mobile experience is a great one.

It is, of course, multi-asset class and last year streaming prices for outrights, curves and butterflies were added on US Treasuries, as were single and multi-leg order and “tap to trade” functionality. Precious metals fixing orders were also added, as were orders on base metals, including one of the algo strategies, Sliceberg. A private bank white label app was also launched as the bank continues to build to a best-in-class solution.

The Rates experience is eXecute is as good as the FX, which is no mean feat for an asset class with so many underlying products. Thanks to the new tech stack the GUI is clean, sharp and easy to navigate and, of interest to those multi-asset class execution desks, the dealing tiles are easily intermingled with FX and commodities. Order functionality is excellent and users have the ability to stream multi-leg curves and butterflies with their own defined spreads.

It is the same story for the commodities franchise, the migration to HTML5 is largely complete with all the benefits that brings. More products have been added across metals and ags and clients can also build their own custom indices.

There is not much we can add to what we have already written about eXecute, so suffice to say that the best FX experience on the street, is just as good in Rates and commodities.

Awards for e-FX Excellence


Colin Lambert

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