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AVT Integrates EchoFX into Currenex Atriax

AVT Technologies has announced the integration of its EchoFX auto pricing engine into the Currenex and Atriax dealing systems. The company says that in response to client demand, it has developed the connectivity to enable all existing users of EchoFX to supply automated, or personal, pricing to customers on request over both portals. AVT’s technology sits at the heart of the FXall execution platform.

Jas Singh, business development director at AVT, says, “Connecting EchoFX to [these portals], provides our customers with the ability to automate and streamline the trade process; our customers immediately reap the benefit of straight-through processing that EchoFX provides.”

Jim Kleckner, Currenex’s CTO and executive vice president of products and development, adds, “By partnering with AVT, Currenex is delivering improved operational efficiencies and cost savings, while ensuring that our bank members have the flexibility to deliver prices to their clients in the way that they choose.”

His sentiments were echoed by Dan Morehead, CEO of Atriax, who says, “Atriax’s goal is to provide all its members with the connectivity and functionality required to achieve full pre- and post-deal straight-through processing.”

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