Avelacom Partners with Metamako

provider Avelacom is using Metamako, the
specialist provider of FPGA-enabled, high-performance networking devices, to accelerate
its network processing power and keep latency to an absolute minimum.

The firm
says the solution meets the needs of HFT firms and all firms in capital markets
for whom latency is critical, allowing them to benefit from the latest
technology innovations
data processing.

Avelacom is
now live with Metamako’s C-Series network devices (using the MetaMux app, running
an Intel Arria FPGA), providing its clients in Aurora Data Centre in Illinois with
“substantially reduced latency and true real-time trading capabilities to
access CME Group markets”.

The firms
say one of the key features of Metamako’s FPGA-based low-latency switching
device is its ability to
market data
with a
market-leading latency of just 5 nanoseconds
as well as to aggregate
facing orders.

Metamako devices
also offer additional features such as tap aggregation, packet filtering and
time stamping for regulatory compliance such as MiFID II, along with dynamic
patching and media conversion.

combination of Avelacom and Metamako allows clients to deal with the increasing
challenges of using higher volume, real-time data in a cost-efficient way,
without the need to invest in additional hardware and extra rack space.

“Using [Metamako’s]
ultra-low latency devices, we can better respond to specific requirements of
sophisticated financial firms and also extend accessibility of the latest
technologies to a wider trading community,” says Aleksey Larichev, Avelacom’s
managing director.

delivers raw market data from exchanges over its ultra low-latency network,
along with providing exchange co-location, and says it plans to deploy Metamako
devices at several more trading venues, initially across the Middle East and


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Colin Lambert

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