Helen Marsters

360T: More Than Just a Corporate Platform

Matt O’Hara, CEO for the Americas at 360T, talks to Galen Stops about the future of multibank trading platforms, building a business in developing markets and why 360T is more than just a platform for corporates. Galen Stops: When you joined 360T as CEO for the Americas earlier this year, was there anything about the […]

A Different Journey: The New JP MorganMarkets

JP Morgan’s rejuvenated single dealer offering is nearing completion, but as Colin Lambert finds out, the journey to this point has taken a different course to most offerings. The story of platform development within the e-FX banking industry over the past decade has been fairly consistent. Banks relied upon their traders to price customers on […]

Mind The Gap

Is the continued technological evolution of the FX market opening up gaps in banks’ risk management capabilities? Galen Stops takes a look. The numerous benefits that technology has brought, and continues to bring, to the FX market have been well documented, but some banking sources have expressed concerns about some of the risks created as a […]

A New Paradigm for Prime Services

As many prime brokers continue to withdraw their services from smaller clients, the prime-of-primes are seeing more business come their way. Galen Stops looks at the implications of this trend for the FX market and asks whether it is a temporary shift or a permanent evolution for the industry. One of the consequences of the […]

Wall Street Vs. Silicon Valley

Has the recent FinTech boom put Silicon Valley on a collision course with Wall Street? Galen Stops takes a look. “Silicon Valley is coming,” JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, rather portentously warned in a letter to shareholders in April. He went on to explain that there are currently hundreds of startups out on the West […]

Banks Explore Use of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, the public, distributed ledger that acts as a central repository for details of all bitcoin trades, has been described by bankers and technologists alike as a ‘disruptive force’ and “the next generation of IT infrastructure”. It is no surprise, therefore, that nearly every major financial institution is exploring potential use cases of the technology. […]

Does Bitcoin Have a Future in Financial Services?

With financial services firms currently tripping over each other to highlight the potential applications of blockchain technology, Galen Stops looks at what this means for Bitcoin’s chances of entering the financial mainstream. There are very few topics within the financial services industry that have the ability to polarise an audience like Bitcoin. Since capturing the […]

Blockchain: Getting Beyond the Buzz

Why are financial services firms so excited about blockchain technology? Galen Stops looks at its potential to disrupt the industry. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months you’ve heard the buzz around blockchain, the distributive ledger technology that underpins the controversial digital currency bitcoin. While the hype surrounding bitcoin seems to […]

Meet Clack

It was ahead of its time; cloaked in secrecy; innovative; and it can be argued to be the first agency model in FX markets. Colin Lambert meets the creators of an FX trading robot. The office, just off a trading floor in midtown Manhattan, is much like any other. In the corner, however, sits a […]

FEMR – Another Brick in the Wall?

The UK’s Fair and Effective Markets Review was eagerly awaited and generally well received, but, Colin Lambert asks, has it actually changed anything? If the level of fanfare was directly correlated to the impact of a release, then the UK’s Fair and Effective Markets Review (FEMR) could be thought of as a ground-breaking document. Given […]