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…As Montreal Prepares

As Wiebogen assumes control of ACI – The Financial Markets Association, the Financial Markets Association of Canada will be welcoming delegates to the 46th ACI World Congress in Montreal (see Squawkbox April 16 and 23). Aside from the very busy business program, a full exhibition will be staged with more than 50 exhibitors.


As reported elsewhere in this issue, Lava FX will be unveiling new order types, as will Barclays Capital, which officially unveils its Powerfill order execution tool, which was previewed in the April issue of Profit & Loss. The new iteration of Powerfill incorporating the order functionality allows clients to dictate different styles of order fills, from very aggressive to passive execution. The functionality also passes onto clients a similar type of functionality to that used by Barclays to execute its own business.


For full details of all exhibitors or to attend the Congress, visit

Profit & Loss

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