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Why Technology is a “Game Changer” for Regional Banks

Why Technology is a “Game Changer” for Regional Banks

Dan Torrey, global head of FX e-commerce sales at Northern Trust, explains how technology can help revolutionise regional banks’ e-FX businesses.

Torrey concedes that, prior to joining Northern Trust, he had been uncertain about whether or not claims that the increasing availability of technology is helping to democratise the FX markets were accurate.

However, he says that his own experience in building out Northern Trust’s e-commerce business has convinced him that these claims are not overblown.

“What’s happened is that through the technology, being able to bring in house better e-commerce pricing, being able to reduce a lot of latency, being able to expand the pairs in which we’re competitive and then to provide that downstream to our customers, means that we’re not just another custodial bank offering to them, we can actually competitively go after third-party accounts where we couldn’t’ get them before,” says Torrey.

He adds: “From our own experience it has completely changed the game for us. It’s changed our business model, it’s changed the reality of our reach, it has changed our outlook in terms of how much we’re willing to invest and grow this business. Most importantly, it’s changed the value add of the offering to our clients.”

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