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In the FICC of It

In the FICC of It

Listen here:

In this week’s podcast, Galen Stops lights the blue touchpaper and steps back to watch the fireworks by asking Colin Lambert about not only the Benchmark Fix, more specifically the research paper published this week, but last look as well following the news that a regional regulator is investigating the practice. Just to add to the mix, he also gets him going on another Lambert favourite, tracking error.

To inject some sanity in the podcast Stops highlights the nuances around emerging markets and observes how G7 is now the net exporter of geopolitical risk. Our podcasters then move on to discuss the FX Global Code and fintechs and ask, ‘should they be adhering and signing up to the Code?’

Lambert also shares some reader feedback on this week’s opinion piece on FX options brokerage and, fulfilling his promise to the listenership, here is the link to the Benchmark paper.