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In the FICC of It

In the FICC of It

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This week’s podcast was delayed because Galen Stops had difficulty connecting from Peru…that or the fact that our podcasters were intimidated by the quality of their guests the previous week and knew they couldn't match the standard!

They overcome the fear factor, however and go on to discuss the local market in Peru as well as the broader issue of NDF market development, during which Colin Lambert thinks he sees positive signs coming out of Asia regarding electronification of these markets.

Our two intrepid podcasters also follow up on a recent paper about spoofing and pinging in OTC FX market – as always Lambert has plenty to say on that – before moving onto the latest gossip surrounding a “bank” looking for a buyer. 

To book end the discussion the podcast closes out with a brief look at this week’s Profit & Lossconference in Stockholm, during which Lambert lays out his reasons for why Scandinavian banks have not been overwhelmed by the global players as has happened in some other regional markets.