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In the FICC of It

In the FICC of It

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In this week’s podcast episode, Colin Lambert and Galen Stops share their views on the takeover of BestX by State Street. What does it mean for BestX’ USP of independence? What drove the deal? Will it be a success?

They also touch upon the latest lawsuit in FX circles, served by former Fastmatch CEO and founder Dmitri Galinov against the firm and its owner, Euronext US, and ask whether this highlights yet another barrier to success for the swathe of fintech firms targeting the FICC sector?

With some intelligent observations on the feedback to the CFTC’s Swap Dealer Rules by Stops and a rant by Lambert over the “every child wins a prize” culture, this week’s In the FICC of It is as “out there” as ever!