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ALTSO Hosts Record Breaking Events in New York and Chicago A Leg to Stand On (ALTSO) held its 14th annual Rocktoberfest in New York recently and hosted more than 1,400 attendees and raised a record breaking $740,000 for its chosen charities. Along with ALTSO’s Chicago event the non-profit organisation raised almost $900,000, the net proceeds of which it says will benefit the organisation’s life-changing programmes in the developing world in 2018. Lead sponsors of the New York and Chicago events included CGI, PAAMCO, Element Capital, CME Group, ICE, Jacobs Asset Management, Lyxor Asset Management, Societe Generale and Wells Fargo.
P&L Speakers Complete Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge If you have ever investigated how elite athletes prepare for a gruelling challenge it is unlikely that speaking at an finance industry conference features, however that was the case last when two speakers at Profit & Loss’ Hong Kong conference overcame the challenge of intense interrogation on stage before completing the slightly(!) more challenging matter of the Oxfam Trailwalker Team Challenge in Hong Kong from November 17-19. The team completed the 100km, 4500m climb in 23 hours and 16 minutes.
The P&L Debate: Is TCA Just a Morality Carwash? The subject of how data is used to conduct Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) formed part of a lively debate at Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago. Galen Stops moderated. Paul Aston, the CEO of Tixall Global Advisors, proposed the motion that “TCA Is Just a Morality Carwash”, effectively arguing that many buy side firms are simply handing over their fiduciary duty to ensure best execution for their investors to their sell side counterparts, while using TCA to justify the trading decisions that they make as a result. Opposing the motion was Isaac Lieberman, CEO of Aston Capital Management, who formed his argument around the proposition that market participants who are trading risk do so against a set of metrics by which their success is measured and therefore they are conducting TCA to show performance against these metrics. 
Drowning in Data A panel of buy side market participants at Profit & Loss Scandinavia in Stockholm shared their insights into their FX activities and discussed how data has come a long way in terms of helping them measure best execution; however, analysing that data isn’t as easy as they’d like. Is the availability of data and technology changing how the industry assesses execution quality? That’s the question addressed by Marcus Samuelsson, portfolio manager at Ericsson; Andreas Wollheim, head of trading and treasury at SEB Investment Management; and James Koutoulas, CEO at Typhon Capital Management, speaking at Profit & Loss Scandinavia in September.
CEMPROSPECTS Conference Set for Rome This years CEMPROSPECTS conference will take place at the Hotel Placio dei Principi in Rome from October 8-10. The event will cover energy markets of relevance to the cement industry, notably coal and petcoke, as well as freights. The conference is also of relevance for producers and traders in these markets. Time will also be dedicated to a debate on geopolitical events happening across the globe, including the US political scene, Brexit and legislative developments in the field of CO2 and sulphur emissions.
Is TCA Just a Morality Carwash? There has been a renewed focus on Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) in recent years as buy side firms are becoming more savvy about how their execute their FX transactions and regulations such as Mifid II impose new best execution requirements. But do market participants really know how to conduct effective TCA or is it just becoming a box ticking exercise designed to placate compliance staff, regulators and investors? Banks are always quick to vouch for the accuracy and utility of their TCA reports, but can they be trusted to provide clients with an honest assessment of their own performance as a liquidity provider?
Think Tank Sessions Highlight Day One at Forex Network Chicago More than 500 are already registered for Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago, the biggest two-day FX conference in the industry. It's happening next week, so make your plans now to head to Chicago for the premier international FX event of the year. Both days in Chicago are jam-packed with top experts from around the globe, ready to share with you their knowledge and insights. Day 1 features Think-Tank sessions where you dive in and get involved in solving a critical FX issue of your choice. Then on Day 2, the speakers link the findings from these sessions in their discussions.
Profit & Loss Scandinavia is This Week Profit & Loss Scandinavia is right around the corner, and more than 175 registrations have already been received, but there is still time to register. This is the FX conference that puts the Nordic region directly in the spotlight and focuses on the specific challenges and opportunities in the Scandinavian markets. Kicking off with a keynote address by the Riksbank’s Deputy Governor, Per Jansson, and featuring speakers from across the Nordic region, Profit & Loss Scandinavia (held in partnership with ACI Sweden and ACI Denmark), brings you together with regional banks and buy side clients in an exclusive setting for networking and new business development.
Profit & Loss Stockholm is Next Week After a hugely successful run of conferences in Copenhagen, Profit & Loss Scandinavian conference series is spreading its wings with the first conference in Stockholm. The all day event takes place on September 14 at the Hotel at Six. After a busy morning programme featuring an address by Sveriges Riksbank deputy governor Per Jansson and two discussions on the Nordic economic outlook and the likely impact of MiFID II on algorithmic execution, our afternoon is taken up with a look ahead.
Profit & Loss Scandinavia Debuts In Stockholm After a hugely successful run of conferences in Copenhagen, Profit & Loss Scandinavia is spreading its wings with the first conference in Stockholm. The all day event takes place on September 14 at the Hotel at Six. After an opening address by Sveriges Riksbank deputy governor Per Jansson, the first panel will discuss the Nordic economic scene. How easy or difficult is it for the Nordic region to shrug off geo-political events elsewhere in the world? Is the two speed recovery evident elsewhere also happening across the Nordic economies?