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Marsh Joins Alpha FX Group

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Marsh Joins Alpha FX Group

Sam Marsh has joined Alpha FX Group, a corporate foreign exchange specialist, as head of institutional FX. Based in London, Marsh joins from AFEX, where he was head of sales, funds and institutions, UK and Ireland. Prior to joining AFEX in 2012, he worked as an FX consultant for Halo Financial, an international money transfers specialist, and as a data analyst at Equifax.
FastMatch Generates €7.2m Revenue for Euronext FastMatch has generated €7.2 million in revenues for Euronext since the exchange operator acquired 90% of the OTC FX platform in August 2017, according to its full-year 2017 results. As part of that deal, $46.7 million was paid to FXCM on closing for its stake in FastMatch, with $8.7 million held in escrow subject to certain potential future adjustments. In addition, it was agreed that FXCM would receive share of a $10 million earnout if certain performance targets of FastMatch are met, although these targets have not been disclosed.
Can Silicon Valley Business Models Work in FX? It seems that increasingly, some FX firms want to adopt the business models deployed so successfully by the large technology giants that have emerged from Silicon Valley. Banks talk about developing their single-dealer platforms to mimic the Amazon model of being able to supply everything that their customer needs within one platform. At least one trading venue is talking about moving to the Facebook model of charging nothing for the actual technology platform that it provides, because it will instead derive profits from the data generated by that platform.
Citi Veteran Sinniah to Retire Bernie Sinniah, global head of e-solutions at Citi, is to retire from the bank. According to an internal memo seen by Profit & Loss, Sinniah – who joined the Citi in Colombo as a spot trader 38 years ago, will step down in the first quarter. Sinniah moved to Australia in 1986 with Citi and later joined the FX sales team, becoming head of sales for Australia before moving to the UK in 1999 to run the UK and subsequently corporate desk for Europe.
BestX Launches Trend Model BestX has expanded its suite of best execution analytics with the launch of a new Trend Analysis module. The firm says the new functionality allows clients to generate bespoke analysis of trends in costs and other performance metrics over time, adding that improving the management information provided by the BestX analytics is a critical component of satisfying best execution obligations by allowing clients to identify how execution performance is changing over time, thereby allowing changes to be made to the process to continually refine and improve performance.
BoE Paper Cites Opposite Impacts of Human and Automated FX Traders A new working paper from the Bank of England analyses the role of automated trading (AT) in FX markets in a period containing the 15 January 2015 announcement by the Swiss National Bank that it had removed its EUR/CHF floor and finds that while AT “generated uninformed volatility”, human traders did the opposite. “This ‘Swiss franc event’ represents a natural experiment as one of the largest shocks to the FX market in recent years and probably the most significant ‘black swan’ event in the period in which AT has been a prominent force in FX markets,” the paper states.
Fed Seeks to Bar Third Former Barclays FX Trader The Federal Reserve Board has announced that it is seeking to permanently bar Peter Little the former head of the G10 FX spot desk at Barclays in New York, from employment in the banking industry. The central bank is also seeking to impose a $487,500 fine on Little, who joined HSBC in New York in mid-2013 as head of G10 spot FX trading. Little, who is believed to be preparing to challenge the Fed’s finding, is alleged to have engaged in unsafe and unsound practices.
FinTech in FX: An Evolutionary Process Although fintech solutions are likely to change how FX operates throughout the trade lifecycle, expect these changes to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, explained speakers during a recent Profit & Loss webinar.  The word “disruption” has become synonymous with fintech in recent years, with numerous articles, whitepapers and analyst reports warning that fintech upstarts are looking to upset the applecart in financial services. Yet speakers on a recent Profit & Loss webinar, FinTech in FX: Getting Beyond the Hype, which was sponsored by IHS Markit, preferred to talk in terms of innovation rather than disruption when discussing the impact of fintech in the FX markets.
UOB Expands FX Solutions Suite

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UOB Expands FX Solutions Suite

UOB has added two FX solutions to its suite of cross-border financial products and services in China. The bank has rolled out a solution that enables onshore banks in China to trade directly with banks overseas via the R5-SHCH Connect without having to source for counterparties and to negotiate trade prices individually. The second FX solution is direct trading between the RMB and the Thai baht, with the bank claiming it is among the first market makers able to support direct trading for its clients through the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS).
Hedge Funds Outperform Stocks, Bonds – AIMA Hedge funds have produced more consistent and steadier returns than equities or bonds over both the short term and the long term, according to new research by Preqin, the data provider, and the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), the global representative of alternative investment managers. The organisations found that hedge funds have out-performed equities and bonds on a risk-adjusted basis over one, three, five and 10-year periods. Risk-adjusted returns, represented by the Sharpe ratio, reflect the volatility of the returns as well as the returns themselves.