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In the FICC of it - The Global Code of Conduct Lots of people are talking about the Global Code of Conduct, but are they asking the right questions? Profit & Loss deputy editor, Galen Stops, discusses why incentives might be more important that enforcement mechanisms when it comes to ensuring adherence to the Code.

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In the FICC of It – Chicago Edition

With less than one week to go before Forex Network Chicago, Profit & Loss has produced this podcast to preview the panel sessions on Day One. Listen to P&L’s managing editor, Colin Lambert, and deputy editor, Galen Stops, as ...

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In The FICC Of It

This is the inaugural edition of Profit & Loss’ In the FICC Of It, a new podcast series that seeks to cast an eye on the news of the week and highlight some issues for further analysis. This week, P&L’...