Another Peak for FXSpotStream, Integral FX Volume Also Strong

FXSpotStream has reported average daily volume across FX products of $42.25 billion in June, a new peak for the service and beating the previous high, set in January of this year, by 10%. The platform says it hit a new daily high on June 20 at $52.5 billion and handled the largest gross monthly flow at $845.2 billion in spite of there only being 20 trading days in the month. The increase represents a 21.2% increase from May and a 39.1% increase year-on-year.

June was also a good month for Integral Development as it rebounded to $36.4 billion per day, a 19.3% increase from May, which was the lowest recorded ADV on the platform since it started reporting results in April 2018. Year-on-year, however, Integral’s ADV was 8.8% lower.

Earlier this week CboeFX reported flat month-on-month volume and Euronext FX an increase, however both were down year-on-year.


Colin Lambert

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