I have been away from the FX world for a week looking at strange fish, playing golf and trying my hardest to ignore the “real world”. Therefore, while I catch up on a week’s emails and stories, I will point you in the direction of a webcast and transcript of a session I moderated recently on the FX Global Code.

As background, the event was put on by ACI Australia and attracted over 240 registrations, which highlights to me that there is not only still interest in the Code, but also in its evolution. I have written extensively about the Code of course and one constant in that has been how, as an industry, we cannot sit back on our laurels now that we have a Code. To quote Guy Debelle, who chaired the committee that formed the Code and was on this panel session, it must be a “living, breathing document”, and it was clear to me that not only will the GFXC not relax its efforts, rather it will redouble them.

So there is still a very strong bedrock of goodwill and interest behind the Code, which is good news, however, as this panel highlighted, there are still challenges to be overcome.

You can access the audio and transcript here.

Colin Lambert

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