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And Finally…

A few weeks ago I invited readers to vote for their own Irrational – the best socks worn by a speaker at a Profit & Loss conference this year, and the votes are in!

Obviously the wearers of the socks are anonymous (although I am pretty sure I know who was wearing the winners!) but the voting went as follows:

In fifth place, Socks A – The Ties

Sadly…nul point. No votes. Nada!

Thankfully things were slightly better and the readership had more to like about the sartorial taste of the wearer of  Socks E – I believe they are depicting table tennis equipment – which managed 5.9% of the votes.

Third place and the Bronze Medal (no medals supplied of course) goes to Socks D – the Fish, which managed 17.6% of the vote.

Second place, our plucky runner up, is Socks C – simply the stripes, which garnered 23.5% of the vote.

Which means our winner, who gets what all winners in the Irrationals get – our very best wishes – is Socks B, the Cats. As a dog lover obviously I have issues with this, but this is nothing if not an honest poll and so, with a massive 53% of the votes, ladies and gentlemen, I give you our winner of the P&L Socks competition 2018.

Of course, the challenge is now set down for speakers at our 2019 events – wear something interesting if you want to make the ultimate short list!

Colin Lambert

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