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And Finally…

As I am about to get
on a very long flight I will make this commensurately short.

One of the real
pleasures left to people in the industry is to gather informally and just chat.
With all the issues of the past couple of years and the continued creep of technology
there is little doubt that the art of conversation is foreign exchange markets
is not perhaps what it once was.

I need to stress I am
not talking about markets, rather the industry structure.

Last week, following Forex
Network Chicago I had the pleasure of sitting down to lunch with eight people
from different areas of the industry and it was a real treat. Some old war
stories were, inevitably, rolled out but generally speaking the conversation
was witty, informed and interesting (and woe betide anyone who let a casual
statement loose, they were pounced upon as they should be!)

I will discuss the
general takeaways from this chat and indeed the entire conference in coming
columns, but I wanted to publicly express my appreciation of being allowed to
take part if that conversation, and also to state that it is a pity that the
industry can’t have more of them – including figures in authority.

We certainly didn’t
solve the industry’s problems (I think we were too busy putting the world to
rights at one stage!), but it was great that what were various different
opinions were heard, debated and concluded upon.

I can’t remember the
business that ran the advertising campaign in the UK in the 1990s but as it
said, it’s good to talk.  Twitter @lamboPnL

Colin Lambert

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