I am in yet another airport lounge (podcast listeners will be glad to hear we are not recording here, however) so just a quick note to highlight the good work of LMAX Exchange in raising money for charity through some interesting means.

The latest was The “Everest Rugby Challenge” and, as the title implies, four teams, captained by former international rugby players, played out a 5-5 draw at 6,500 fee metres, the highest altitude at which a game has been played.

The event helped raise over £250,000 for disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK and Ireland and was run in partnership with children’s rugby charity Wooden Spoon. Two days earlier a new record had been set for a game of ‘touch rugby’ which was played at just the 5,119 metres!

My congratulations to all involved and it is good to see the foreign exchange industry represented in such a positive fashion, although I understand that rumours of the rugby-mad CEO of LMAX David Mercer planning a game between teams in submarines at the Mariana Trench (depth over 10,000 metres) are wide of the mark…

Colin Lambert

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