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And Another Thing…

The end of this week represents the end of an era in the FX market with the departure from the industry of a man who has tested the best of us. Julius Hunter – friend to traders, colleague of brokers and relative of royalty – is leaving Thomson Reuters in Sydney and calling time on a 41 year career in FX.

He started in October 1972 and his path took him through (deep breath) Kleinwort Benson, MW Marshalls, Ohms Schmidt in Frankfurt, back to Marshalls, Sarabex (don’t remember them), Godsells and then Astley & Pearce via a merger, before joining Reuters.

Along the way he established Astley & Pearce in New Zealand and worked in five different centres – rumours that people in all five are still waiting for points to be repaid are, I’m sure, untrue.

On a serious note, he broked some of the best dealers to work in the market over the past 40 years and remains firm friends with them, indeed he has worked with some in his latter guise as liquidity manager for Reuters Matching. To me, and many others who know him, his success is a result of understanding the importance of relationships, loyalty, generosity and looking after the customer.

He has recently served on the Australian Foreign Exchange Committee bringing his experience and often direct opinion to an important forum working to ensure the best practices are adhered to.

This Friday, his association with the industry officially ends, however I am sure we will still be seeing a lot of him, after all, we couldn’t live with him, why should his wife be any different?

That aside, he wanders off into the Sydney sunset this Friday at his favourite time of the day (five) to a future with no strings attached. He may indulge his passion for diving, we shall see, but either way he will take on whatever is thrown at him because to him, as he is fond of telling people, nothing is too tough.

So farewell, Julius, good luck and our best wishes.

For the rest of us the next question is obvious. Who is the longest serving member of our industry in a dealing/sales/broking job? Suggestions to the usual address.

This is the last column of the year, so unless my wife stuffs up the turkey, we run out of wine, or something else happens that requires me to vent, I will speak with you again in the new year.

With that in mind, I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and, more importantly, good health and the best of luck for 2014.    Twitter @lamboPnL

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