Debating the Changing Economics of Credit in FX

Speakers at the Forex Network New York event highlighted that credit provision and intermediation for non-spot FX products could be set to undergo some significant changes in the near future, although there was some debate about how these changes would play out. Christopher Perkins, global head, OTC clearing and FX prime brokerage at Citi, set […]
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And Another Thing…

I noticed that an old favourite turned up in the news cycle last week – indeed I suspect it is moving into the market’s general psyche given more people are talking to me about it – and that is peer-to-peer matching, more specifically asset managers seeking to by-pass the banks because the latter are able […]
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The New Imperative: Active Liquidity Management

Angus Scott, head of product at CLS, outlines the industry and regulatory drivers that mean banks have to be able to manage liquidity intraday; as well as the internal and external solutions which can help them to achieve this. Intra-day liquidity – the assets needed to settle the daily obligations that arise between banks, broker […]
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