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ACIFMA Appoints New President Delegate

ACI – The Financial Markets Association (ACIFMA) announces the appointment of Kim Winding Larsen as the new ‘president delegate’ of the wholesale markets trade association as of September 1. Larsen’s appointment comes after a thorough review process by the ACIFMA Management Board’s Selection Committee, the trade group says.

Larsen spent his long career at Danske Bank, having joined the Danish bank in the early 1980s, first in Copenhagen, later in London, before a return to Copenhagen to take up a position as the bank’s head of domestic money markets and chief dealer for nearly a decade.

Over the next decade, Larsen held various senior positions in Danske Bank Markets covering money markets, repo and short bond markets, FX and interest rate swaps, as well as Treasury short funding desks as his career developed within the group, culminating in his promotion in 2006 to becoming a member of Danske’s ALCO Board and his current position of first vice president at Danske Bank FI&C.

Larsen served as president of ACI Forex Denmark since 2001, as former European Regional ACI president, and has been a participant in many of ACIFMA’s former and current working groups over the years.

Larsen also holds positions in external working groups and is a member of the “Scandinavian FX Committee for the Global Code”, formed by a group of Scandinavian central banks.

Bruno Langfritz, chairman, ACIFMA, says of the appointment: “I am very excited to welcome Kim Winding Larsen as the new President Delegate of ACI. I have known him for over 15 years, and I am confident his professional expertise and his engaging personality make him the perfect fit.”

Jack Richards, vice chairman of ACIFMA, adds: “I’m delighted that Kim has accepted the role as the new President Delegate of ACI. I first met Kim at the ACI World Congress in Stockholm in 2005 and since that time he has shown an unwavering support of ACI’s educational offerings, the Model Code and more recently, the FX Global Code. I’m very confident his professionalism, enthusiasm and willingness to work with people will see him succeed in the role.”

“It is a great honour for me to be responsible of the Global work within ACIFMA,” says Larsen. “ACI was established in Paris back in 1955 and has always been known for: Membership, Ethical Conduct and Education. To me, ACI has one of the strongest Education platforms in the Financial Markets, offering a suite of specialised examinations and continuous training and certification via the ‘ELAC’ online portal, in a time when the new ‘Global Code of Conduct’ has increased the need for more education tools in the Financial Markets.

“We will in the future invest more time to develop this fantastic ACI education platform in order to support and help our International ACI members in the regulatory space. I look forward to taking on new challenges in my new role as President Delegate of ACI,” adds Larsen.

Julie Ros

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