ACI to Update Exam Suite

ACI – The Financial Markets Association (ACI) has announced it will be updating its examination suite with all new syllabi.

This first exam to be updated will be the ACI Diploma for senior foreign exchange and money market dealers, corporate and bank treasurers and senior operations staff. ACI says the diploma “has long been a leading internationally recognised exam designed to ensure that candidates acquire a highly theoretical and practical knowledge of the FX and money markets, as well as their related instruments environment and applications as well as the connections that exist between those markets and the practice of risk management”, adding it is a “highly appropriate” qualification for market professionals.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority recognises that the ACI Diploma complies fully with the qualification requirements or four activities of their Retail Distribution Review.

With its latest syllabus, ACI is claiming an educational first for the new Diploma in that it is organised across its five core areas: Financial Markets Environment, Foreign Exchange, Rates, FICC Derivatives and Financial Markets Applications. As well as a new syllabus, the new Diploma also has an all new examination process made up of five topic baskets where candidates must score 50% in each, with the whole Diploma containing 18 topic baskets.

“The ACI Diploma New Version, is part of the ACIFMA’s longstanding commitment to provide participants with the most up to date and relevant qualifications when involved across our exams suite,” says Rui Correia, director of education and chair of ACI’s Board of Education. “As we enter a new year, we will also be launching our new syllabus of the ACI Dealing Certificate, FX Global Code exams in French and the ACI Diploma New Version in German. At ACIFMA we have long been leading influencers of ethical conduct and good market practices to financial market professionals and ensuring our syllabi are as up to date is possible is a keyway in maintaining this.”

ACI says that for the time being, the new Diploma will co-exist with the old versiion, with the latter expected to be retired in the second half of 2020.

Colin Lambert

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