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ACI Singapore Hosts Risk Management Seminar

ACI Singapore held a seminar last month focusing on how proactive risk management can drive shareholder value. The half-day event featured July Lee, partner at The Capital Markets Company (Capco) in the US, who addressed issues of how to make risk management effective in practice, as well as the lessons learned from the recent cases of risk management failures such as LTCM.

Wee Lieng-Seng, partner and global head of risk management for Capco outlined the links between risk management and shareholder value. He believes that proactive risk management is not just the risk manager’s job. The CEOs and CFOs are all partners in the risk management process.

A panel discussion featured risk managers from both financial institutions and corporations, in addition to the Capco partners, who shared their own experiences in building and running risk management and how it can drive shareholder value. They geared the topic towards how it relates particularly to the Asian operating environment.

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