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ACI Prepares to Welcome New President

ACI – The Financial Markets Association is preparing a changing of the guard at the council meeting on the sidelines of this week’s 46th ACI World Congress in Montreal. Current president Godfried De Vidts steps down after a three year term of office at the helm of the association. In his place, ACI welcomes Manfred Wiebogen from ACI Austria who is standing for election as president unopposed.


Wiebogen works for -sterreichische Volksbanken AG in Vienna, for whom he has worked since 2000 and is currently head of CEE treasuries of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania and Malta. His duties include liquidity management, bank book management, business development, fixed income structures, structuring and equity investments.


Since 2005, Wiebogen has been a member of ACI’s Committee for Professionalism (CFP) and has held a series of positions within both the ACI Austria and the global organisation, including regional executive for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He was also a founder member of the Euribor ACI group in 1998 as well as the German Language Board.


In a letter to ACI Councillors, Wiebogen states: “It is my firm believe that ACI is one of the leading, if not the leading association in the global financial markets. As The Financial Markets Association, ACI supports the international markets through refining education, stringent and transparent market practices, technical support and advice, and networking events, as well as many other measures and actions.


“Our fellow members work together on a basis of open relationship and traditional trust, they – in fact we – are “united in trust”. The various methods of daily communication may differ, the spirit remains unchanged. It is this traditional spirit that makes the financial markets operate as efficiently as they presently do, our contributions are cornerstones to solidity and continuity.”


Wiebogen further adds that the “speed of change” in the financial markets makes it inevitable for ACI to “revalue” its global position. “Whilst we must preserve our traditional values and virtues, we must – on the other hand – respond to changes in a dynamic way,” he tells ACI’s council. “The so-called “intervals of changes” turn out to become shorter and shorter, thus our decisions, our reactions must be “spot decisions” rather than “long term forward compromises”. We already have a lot of “goodies” to offer to the markets, to our markets: these include our well-established Dealing Certificate, the ACI Diploma, the Model Code and Euribor ACI, achievements by a few, achievements for so many.


“Emphasising one’s strength in today’s ultra-competitive environment is an absolute must,” he adds. “ACI has a lot to offer, let us market our talents, we have nothing to hide.

Requirements of market participants differ from country to country, from region to region. We need to bring interests together, we need to become more flexible in terms of allocation of support.”

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