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ACI Australia Dealing Simulation Ends 2006 on a High

The ACI Australia Dealing Simulation Course completed a very busy 2006 with three courses in Australia, Hungary and Denmark. The course, which is sponsored globally by BT, Profit & Loss and Reuters, has hosted more than 210 delegates this year, and is gearing up for a busy 2007 with eight courses at the planning stage. The organisers also hope to debut the course in North America next year.

The course in Australia attracted the biggest attendance of the year, with 50 delegates undergoing a rigorous week’s trading and training. This was followed by ACI Hungary and Serbia co-hosting the first course to be held in eastern and mainland Europe and Denmark, which hosted the course for the Scandinavian region for the third time.

Feedback from all three courses was extremely positive; the organisers would like to thank everyone who took part, as well all the individuals and institutions globally for their support.

Chris Howlett, COO of ACI Australia and manager of the course says he is extremely pleased with how 2006 has gone – and promises more for 2007. “This year has seen the course hosted in more countries than ever before, meaning we have attracted a wider range of delegates,” he observes. “We also commenced FX option trading as an integral part of the course this year, which was one of our objectives at the start of 2006.

“Next year, we are hoping to expand even further, we currently have 11 dates pencilled into the diary,” he adds. “We believe that ACI Australia Dealing Simulation represents the most realistic environment in which to learn the art of trading and our feedback from the courses would suggest that our delegates agree with us.”

Award Winners – Australia

Dealers’ Dealer      Kosta Katheklakis – Westpac Banking
Best Broker           Penny Sewell – Anz National Bank
Best Exam             Craig Eggleton – Macquarie Bank (100%)
                               Craig Sloane – Westpac Banking (100%)

Most Profitable Bank      Hyena
Patrick McCarthy – ANZ National Bank
Tamlyn Rudolph – Sun Retail Pty
Roger Wilson – Bank of New Zealand
Jason Wong – ANZ Banking Group
Andrew Martin – Westpac Banking
Best Operational Bank  Elephant
Craig Eggleton – Macquarie Bank
Craig Sloane – Westpac Banking
Kristie Crone – Enertrade
Alex Hill – HIFX

Award Winners – Hungary/ Serbia

Dealers’ Dealer      Laszlo Csollak – CIB
Best Broker           Adrienn Varga – Raiffeisen
Best Exam             Premysl Bosak – Czech-Moravian Guarantee & 
                               Development Bank

Most Profitable Bank      Cheetah
Patrick McCarthy – ANZ National Bank
Nikola Babic – HYPO Alpo – Beograd
Adam Tyrai – ING
Best Operational Bank  Kangaroo
Kristina Solva – National Bank of Hungary
Petr Zedek – HSBC Bank
Gabor Keresztesi – Crosstrade

Award Winners – Denmark

Dealers’ Dealer      Henrik Dalhoff – Nordea
Best Broker            Thomas Petersen – Danske Bank
Best Exam              Anneli Sipari – Danske Bank

Most Profitable Bank      Giraffe
Jesper Noer – Danske Bank
Annette Henrikkson – Sveriges Riksbank
Kim Nydal Gronlund – Saxobank
Tobias Knobbe – Eurex

Best Operational Bank  Bear
Anneli Sipari – Danske Bank
Rene Albrechtsen – Danske Capital
Adnan Pocinci – UBS
Henrik Dalhoff – Nordea

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