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At Profit-Loss.com, we understand the importance of staying up to date on the latest developments in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, finance and trading – which is why our team of experienced journalists provides comprehensive and timely news coverage on these topics. We strive to ensure that our readers have access to all necessary information related to these areas so they can make prudent and well-thought out decisions when it comes to their investments in crypto and other financial instruments.

Our content covers everything from trading strategies, risk management tips, market analysis, and regulatory updates – giving our readers a holistic view of the ever-evolving world of crypto and finance. We are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve by bringing you only the most reliable sources of information so that you can confidently make informed decisions. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader – Profit-Loss.com has the news and analysis to help guide your financial journey.

We are here to provide a helping hand in navigating the complex world of crypto, finance and trading! Tune into our latest updates and feel empowered with the knowledge to succeed. Start your journey today with Profit-Loss.com by staying informed on all the breaking news from around the world. With our team of dedicated journalists at your side – success is within reach!


Our mission is to spread awareness of all the latest happenings in the world of crypto, trading, and finance and thereby enlighten people to acquire economic freedom. Since 2000, Profit-Loss.com has been striving towards achieving this goal, and our (New) dedicated team is adamant about the same.


Profit and Loss envision creating a space in the world where every individual is aware of economic freedom and knows the means to achieve it. Our purpose is to present the truth with complete clarity and precision. Our investigative journalists are also working to expose financial scams and saving our readers from the trap.

Relaunch of Profit-Loss.com

The Revolut Media LLC is proud to announce the re-launch of Profit-Loss.com and with it, an all new focus on Crypto news and updates. After being acquired from its original owners in 2022, Revolut Media has worked hard to bring back the legacy that was left behind by those who ran Profit-Loss for so many years.

The new editorial team at Profit-Loss have been carefully selected to ensure that only the best and most accurate information possible is provided to our readers. We understand how important this service is for those who subscribed to Profit-loss in the past, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with the same reliable content from a trusted source.

We want to thank all of our readers for their continued support while we bring back the old golden days. Kudos to everybody who has helped us make this possible!. We hope you enjoy reading Profit-Loss and look forward to bringing you the latest news in Crypto Markets.

Thank you and stay tuned!