3 Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join

3 Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join

Are you concerned about finance and having too many thoughts about it? So, tracking your income, investments, and cash flow management is important. At the same time, even if you are struggling with a financial settlement, you have to make multiple sources of income and safely spend as well as save it. One of the main support you can take care of is money and how to maintain financial equilibrium.

Which Are The 3 Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join

3 Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join

There are communities that can provide complete assistance for the financial settlement even if you have debts and many liabilities. So, you don’t want to draw out tensions and worries. And these communities have completely consisted of experts in the field to those who benefited from it. And they could help you with your current scenario and aid you to bring practical as well as successful moves. Here we are going to discuss three major online personal Finance Communities here in this article.

Financial Common Cents

Financial common cents are basically providing educational points and assisting each and everyone to practice better financial hygiene and to save as well as make more money, including budgeting, saving, eliminating all your debts, and rejuvenating your credit score. This nonprofit organization was founded and run by Shante Nicole and who is an author, financial educator, and certified credit Consultant.

3 Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join

She started this community in January 2017 on Facebook and she had a mission of rebuilding, restoring, and repairing the credit of all. Now the community has more than 1 million members across the globe. She is also a panelist with SunTrust bank and also she is leading many workshops under kids making cents under the educational department and churches.

According to the official website, it is a judgment-free zone and anyone can be a part of this community. The experts can give you an Action Plan that can provide complete results and improve your financial limit and grow it more toward savings and investment. It is not about assisting only, it is also about supporting and encouraging you for a better future.

Financial Common Cents is one of the best Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join. They has two types of services and that are credit coaching and budget coaching along with the credit required GPS is also provided. In this community, they will educate you on how you can understand the credit card statement and how you can tackle hike credit score and remove all issues regarding it.


3 Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join

Bravely is found by Kara and this community is especially for women. It is for sustainable money choices and shows how you can make it for shaping the world better. It could help to guide you in understanding better spending and the importance of investing. This community is featured in many well-renowned articles and Bravely Go is an international award-winning financial education company.

Moreover, Bravely can enlighten you with extreme savings tips as well as your desired achievements. The Founder has self-addressed as a financial feminist and is looking for equality and empowerment of women with money as well as a financial settlement. This community also has a 1% of Patreon Revenue and that is completely for the community or the community can choose any area to spend like paying off community members’ debts or supplying period products.

According to the service plans, Bravely is one of the best Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join. Bravely can give you the money plans and complete money coaching. It could include frank money talk and analyzing your spending habits. It could motivate and excite you along with bringing complete support to control your money and relaxing from financial anxieties. They have packages for this coaching.

The first one is Deep dive and which is 2 hour 1 and 1 personalized session for examining your budget and settling on a financial goal. The experts can work out your financial leakages, throw spending, and set your financial goal through a financial to-do list. The second one is Sweet Spot Coaching and which helps to discover your triggers and tensions on spending and experts work on them and correct them.

The Bogleheads Forum

3 Online Personal Finance Communities You Should Join

The Bogleheads forum community has a presence on multiple online platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. And that is completely for educating those who wanted to invest. The name came from Vanguard founder John Bogle. This community discusses many topics about finance and investment along with providing support from experts in the field. It was founded by a person with the username Phoenix in the year 2007 and the investors are following the financial and investing philosophy of John Bogle.

According to that philosophy, there won’t be sticking only one stock or specific sector in the market. And they will travel through different types of stocks and funds and completely cover the market. Also, it is not only for those who are aware of theories and financial investment, but also it helps those who are not having much knowledge but are interested in investment. Also, it will help you to understand how to manage all of your financial investments in one place and to track the performance of your investment. Meanwhile, it can support IRS tax report generation and with your web-based portfolio management, you can manage financial investment and track your dividends.

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