Day: 6 August 2020

Corporate FX Hedging: Do Treasurers Have the Tools They Need

In this article, commissioned by Bloomberg, Ken Monahan, senior analyst, market structure and technology at Greenwich Associates, takes a look at the tools available to corporate treasurers when hedging their FX risks and asks, ‘do they have the tools they need?’ Corporations are among the most important customers of FX trading desks. Given that trade […]

And Another Thing…

The latest Spotlight Review from the FICC Market Standards Board got me thinking about the waning ethos of “consenting adults” in markets, as well as about a piece of industry infrastructure that could be very useful in monitoring activity in FX markets especially. The Review from FMSB looked at the use of machine learning in […]

The In-Between World of Slowdown Rebound

The following is Wednesday’s status check of developments in the US that can influence economic, health and political outcomes, compiled by Mace News: Another day in that indeterminate area between slowdown and rebound, between the alternate universes with President Trump in his evening briefing in his world, the one in which the virus is being […]

MAS Unveils SORA Transition Support

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced several initiatives to support the adoption of the Singapore Overnight Rate Average (Sora), which is administered by MAS. Given Sora’s growing importance as a key interest rate benchmark in Singapore dollar financial markets, MAS explains the initiatives aim to catalyse greater activity in Sora markets, safeguard the […]

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