Day: 3 April 2020

US March Payrolls Drop, But it’s Only the Beginning

Unemployment Rate Rises to 4.4% from 3.5%, Some See It Rising to 30% The March employment report was much weaker than expected, but only reflected the very start of the economic shutdowns. The March 14 survey week fell before the bulk of the government-mandated business shutdowns. As a result, much of the impact will shifted […]

Crypto Exchanges See Volume Highs in March

Cryptocurrency market data provider, CryptoCompare, reports that market turmoil last month resulted in volumes hitting an all-time high on March 13, and note that spot volumes have been surging since January despite plummeting institutional interest. The massive market crash on March 12th-13th saw daily volumes hit $75.9 billion in a single day (13th March) – the single […]

Philly Fed: Almost 25% of District Companies Shut

Almost a quarter of companies surveyed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia temporarily shut down because of the coronavirus in the week ending March 29, the Philly Fed said Thursday in its first weekly survey of how businesses in the Third District are responding to the pandemic. That compared with just 15 percent of […]

Some in the US Still Don’t Believe the Virus Is Coming

The corona virus has an advantage evident in the Thursday evening Corona Virus Task Force briefing and during the day in several statehouses: It can spread faster than its reputation for being a sneaky killer of the unaware. President Trump tried to correct Task Force expert Dr Deborah Birx, placing him on the side of […]

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