Month: April 2020

And Finally…

Albert Einstein is often alleged to have said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I say allegedly, because it is claimed in many circles that he never actually uttered, or wrote, those words. No matter, for this column is about the Einsteins in the […]

Best Multi-Asset Class Platform

P&L Report Card Whilst we seem to be in the midst of a shift on the buy side to multi-asset class execution desks, it’s probably too early to say whether this represents a short term trend on the part of managers desperate to trim costs, or the start of a bright new future. It is […]

Best FX Platform

P&L Report Card It may be a surprise to some that we do not view this as the most competitive category in these awards, and that is thanks to the sheer scale of two platforms in particular, Citi’s Velocity and JP Morgan’s eXecute. That is not to say that other excellent platforms do not exist, […]

Best Execution

P&L Report Card If the Best FX Platform Award was not the most competitive in the 2020 Digital FX Awards, it is because competition in the execution space has become white hot. While some players may not have the time and perhaps the resources to develop their single dealer platforms fully, they have most certainly […]

Best Prime Brokerage

P&L Report Card It may have been the circumstances at the time the demonstrations were scheduled, but prime brokerage definitely seemed to have a lower profile this year. Obviously in such an uncertain world, credit strings inevitably tighten and there is a school of thought that the next evolution will actually be a step back, […]

Special “Decade” Award – Best Corporate Platform – Citi

No report card required here, for we are describing is a remarkable achievement, one that has been accomplished only once before in the last nine years of these awards, a decade at the top of the tree and one of our gold plaques. It has to be said that in 2011 when we gave the […]

Best Mobile App

P&L Report Card Well, we thought we were done with this award as one of our top awards thanks to there really only being two major players – Citi and JP Morgan – in the game, but, not for the first time, how wrong we were! Global lockdowns have led to a surge in working […]

Editor’s Award – Citi

Rather than, as it has been in previous years, this award reflecting the editor’s (in this case managing editor’s) view of the platforms, we have decided to make it a recognition award. Our thoughts on the various platforms are littered throughout this feature so there is no need to go over old ground, therefore the […]

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