Day: 21 March 2020

CME Auctions Ronin’s Assets

CME Group Friday confirmed that, pursuant to its rules, CME Clearing auctioned off portfolios of Ronin, LLC when it could no longer meet capital requirements. Though Ronin is a direct clearing member, it does not handle customer business, so no clients were impacted by the auction, CME stated. Ronin Capital was a global, multi-strategy proprietary […]

NFA Increases Minimum Security Deposits on FX

The National Futures Association (NFA) announced that, effective Monday at 5:00pm CT on March 22, the minimum security deposits required to be collected and maintained by FDMs on both new and existing positions will be increased on the Norwegian krone to 7% and Mexican peso ti 10%. NFA says the decision by the Executive Committee […]

What Drives a Successful FX Platform?

To read this article in full and watch the video, please register for free Although the recent return of volatility to FX markets has helped the business to new highs, LMAX Exchange recently delivered very strong financial results for 2019. In this video interview Colin Lambert talks to David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Group, about […]

In the FICC of It

There is one theme for the podcast this week – the FX market’s ongoing challenges in the current volatile environment. Joining Colin Lambert, managing editor of Profit & Loss is Rob Loft, founder and CEO of performance consultants Harvey Loft, to talk through the issues, starting with a perspective of how markets have handled the […]

Virus Outracing Efforts to Measure, Contain, Compensate

The furious governmental efforts at all levels to cope with the increasing spread of the coronavirus as a disease and as a crippler of the economy Friday did not seem to be keeping up with the steepening curve of infection. As more governors close down non-essential business in their states to keep individuals separated as […]