Day: May 2, 2019

Platform Volumes Plummet Amid Low Volatility

The average daily volumes (ADV) on Cboe FX, FXSpotStream and Euronext FX in April were down 18.2%, 15.3% and 23.8%, respectively, compared to March. This sizable drop in volumes does not come as a surprise given the low market volatility last month and anecdotal evidence that suggested trading activity was subdued. The ADV on Cboe […]

The Problem with Cryptocurrencies….

One of the ongoing problems regarding the adoption of cryptocurrencies by mainstream financial firms was on full display at a fintech event hosted by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) in New York this week. The problem was highlighted by a fairly innocuous sounding question from the moderator: what is the problem that cryptocurrencies […]

Refinitiv To Calculate Thai Benchmark

Refinitiv has been appointed as the official calculating agent for the Bank of Thailand’s official Thai Baht spot rate, forward points and implied swap rates. The new transactions-based benchmark succeeds the previous survey-based benchmark administered and calculated by Refinitiv. Known to market participants as THBFIX, it will be available from 2 May 2019. Refinitiv will […]

Refinitiv Migrates Matching to New Data Centre

Refinitiv has migrated its spot and forward matching to a new primary data centre, Equinix Slough LD4, with Equinix New Jersey NY4 as the secondary centre. The firm says the enhancements significantly improve market data feed and round trip latency for clients while subsequently reducing complexity and cost in connecting to Spot Matching. Furthermore, it adds, […]

Ideal Prediction Adds NLP Capabilities

Trading analysis and data science company Ideal Prediction has announced the addition of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to its automated analytics services. By incorporating NLP with machine learning, the firm says its service empowers clients to create and visualise new analytical graphs in real-time with no coding knowledge. Prior to NLP, all potential cases required […]

A Closer Look At: A Differentiated Algo Offering

Mauricio Sada-Paz, global head of e-FICC product and distribution at Barclays, discusses new algorithmic products available within the bank’s e-FX platform. Profit & Loss: Barclays’ recently added a new algo, BARX Peg, to its e-FX platform. Can you explain the genesis of this product launch? Mauricio Sada-Paz: The Barclays’ Gator execution channel was a pioneering […]

Single-Dealer Platforms and Portals – Past & Future

By John Ashworth, CEO of Caplin systems Background In the early days of e-commerce, just 20 years ago, there was an important distinction between single-dealer platforms and single-dealer portals. A single-dealer platform was understood to be a broad layer of software that allowed a bank to offer integrated information and trading across most or all […]