Day: 13 December 2018

Leung Joins State Street

Mary Leung has joined State Street as the global head of client algos in FX.

Based in London, she will report into Jim Foster, global head of e-FX trading, and her responsibilities will include growing the client algorithms business within e-FX, developing the business strategy, design of the trading algorithms, liquidity analysis and selection, and pre- and post-trade transaction cost analysis (TCA).

With more than 13 years’ experience in banking, Leung joins State Street from Deutsche Bank, where she was a lead quant of the FX and listed derivatives algorithmic execution business. Prior to this, she held major roles in building FX algos at both Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Citi.

Stories from the Trenches: Building a FinTech

Simon Wilson-Taylor, head of EBS Institutional, reflected at Forex Network Chicago on the challenges that he faced as the owner and head of a fintech firm, Molten Markets, prior to being acquired by EBS.

“The first thing that I would say to any budding entrepreneurs out there is that building something, building a product, is the fun part and the easy part. Even finding clients is relatively easy,” said Wilson-Taylor, before adding: “The really difficult part that’s kind of out of your control is: how are my clients going to react? How is the market going to react? What are my legal, regulatory and insurance obstacles?”

Going through the different business lines that Molten Markets operated, he explained that consultancy is a good way for fintech firms to generate some revenue and pay some bills as the barriers to entry are not particularly great.

A Brave New World

At a recent OnTheBlock event in New York, Daniel Gorfine, chief innovation officer and director of LabCFTC, talked to Galen Stops, editor of Profit & Loss, about the challenges facing regulators overseeing crypto markets, why the rules in this space are often more clearly delineated than many will admit, and the key technology trends he sees shaping financial markets in the future.

Galen Stops: As a regulator, how does the CFTC approach the crypto space? Because it seems to me like there’s a fairly fine line to walk between allowing and encouraging innovation and new markets on the one hand, but ensuring that there are protections against potential bad actors on the other…