Day: 20 September 2018

The P&L Debate: Is Trend Following Dead?

Has trend following had its day as a trading strategy? The Profit & Loss editors go head-to-head on this debate, with managing editor, Colin Lambert arguing that trend following is dead and editor, Galen Stops, arguing the opposite. Which side do you find more persuasive?

Why Trend Following is Dead

The changing nature of markets tells Colin Lambert that trend following as a strategy has had its day…and then there’s the data.

When Galen and I decided to argue our cases over the relative merits of trend following, I immediately thought of amassing mountains of data around moving averages and breakout points. I then reminded myself this is not the way I do things and as such, decided to go the bluster route.

And Another Thing…

In this week’s In the FICC of It podcast I mention how I like my hedge funds to be a bit “crazy” and my colleague and fellow podcaster, Galen Stops, suggests if I want to live on the edge then I should look at crypto funds. He’s right. If ever there was a crazy world, it’s crypto-land and this week highlighted this with some fantastic instances of “dolly out of the pram” tantrums! Generally speaking, when regulators talk, markets listen – not in crypto apparently, there they poke the bear!

Circle Continues Expansion With Barnett Hire

Circle, a fintech firm that offers a range of services in the crypto space, has hired John Barnett as VP and global controller.
In this capacity, Barnett will lead the firm’s accounting and tax teams and will also work to build out its business systems and procurement teams.
Most recently Barnett was the CFO at Ironwood Capital Management and the Rhode Island Foundation. His career has also included management consulting at BCG, controllership at Teradyne and financial operations and planning at Fidelity and Cabot.