Day: 24 July 2018

Oanda Offers FX Forward Rates to Corporates

Oanda will now offer forward rates to corporate clients around via its Exchange Rates API.

This new data set aims to provide corporate treasurers and finance directors with an accurate, trustworthy view of the forwards market, offering over 360 forward rate currency pairs – which Oanda claims is more than any other currency data feed on the market.

Data is delivered via Oanda’s API and can be integrated into any treasury management system, enterprise resource planning system or billing software solution.

“Having been a trusted source of FX data for more than 20 years, Oanda is uniquely positioned to create a market consensus despite the decentralised treasury market, enabling us to deliver reliable forward rates to our clients.

De Leon Leaves PIMCO

William De Leon, managing director and global head of portfolio risk management at PIMCO, based in Newport Bach, has left the firm after 11 years. Sudi Mariappa, managing director, has been named as his successor.